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2015/8/23 21:44:33
  • Brand:ACE


Ivory Color Acrylic & Stainless Chorme Metal Handle Black Badger Hair Shaving Brush Safety Razor Stainless Stand Shaving Set

Detailed description:

1.Black badger hair shaving brush .

2.The handle is made of acrylic & stainless chrome alloy.

3. Handle tall:54mm

Diameter of handle base: 32mm
Width of bristles at base: 19
Width of bristles at top: 50mm
Length of bristles: 56mm

Weight:about 76g

1.Safety raozr.

2.Razor material: Acrylic handle and stainless copper-chrome alloy .

3.Razor color: Ivory&chrome silver

4.Razor length 110mm, net weight  77g.

Stand Matierial: stainless zinc-chrome alloy

Stand Height:151mm

The openning of razor holer: 12mm

The openning of shaving brush holder :27mm

Total weight About 225g

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